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PPP Project of Domestic Waste Treatment in Villages and Towns of Linquan County

Date : 2019-05-30     View : 671

In February 2017, the company undertook the PPP project of domestic waste treatment in villages and towns of Linquan County, with a total investment of 1.6 billion yuan, ranking in the top five of the year. The total service population is 2.1 million, the service cycle is 15 years and the construction cycle is 6 months. The service covers 23 townships and 5 streets in the county (except urban areas), with a total area of about 1830 square kilometers. Responsible for the cleaning and cleaning of public service facilities such as national roads, provincial roads, County roads, Township roads, village corridors, Township streets, village entrances, open spaces, front and rear houses of villagers, ditches, water surfaces, green belts, public surveys, tourist parks, etc., with an annual service fee of 98 million yuan.

Aerial photography

Livable map of Linquan


Contrast map of cleaning staff in Baimiao Town before and after cleaning up garbage in Shaoying Administrative Village's main natural village on August 13


Contrast picture of West detention house of Panglou Primary School in Duzhuang Community of Chengguan Street before and after cleaning up

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