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The way of the state is to be altruistic, to be good and to take responsibility. "Industry serves the country and contributes to the society" is our original intention, "social needs, national expectations" is our development goal, "cultivating morality and keeping pace with Tao" is the foundation of our struggle, "creating customer service value" is our business philosophy, "building a happy country, improving staff well-being" is our responsibility and obligation.

On June 18, 1994, the founding day of Guozhen. Decades of wind and rain, decades of progress, decades of innovation beyond, decades of spring and autumn fruits. Guozhen always adheres to the belief that no matter what difficulties and setbacks we encounter, we will never give up! We must strive, which is not only the only way we have no choice in life, but also the greatest happiness of life.

Start a business for the country and the people. Grounded in a sense of social responsibility, Guozhen people devote themselves to the improvement of natural ecological environment and the promotion of human and spiritual environmental protection, which is our constant pursuit and the driving force for our progress, and constantly stimulate our infinite vitality, cohesion and creativity, so as to make Guozhen develop steadily and rapidly.

We pursue "material wealth", which is the basis of life; we also need to pursue "spiritual wealth", which is the source of happy life; we also need to pursue "spiritual wealth", establish our beliefs, and enter the highest realm of life.

Protecting the environment and benefiting the society are the responsibility of the people of our country. The times are calling us. I believe that as long as we don't forget our first heart, remember our mission, create a new situation, show new deeds and compose a new chapter, we will march into a new era and realize our national dream.