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  • Sanitation service model:

Household classification→Village Collection→Township/Township Transit→County/Municipal Treatment

Integration of urban and rural sanitation services, according to the actual situation, to establish a model of urban and rural integration from source collection to end treatment, improve operational efficiency and service level, and improve the urban and rural environment.


Integrated model of environmental sanitation

  • Cleaning and cleaning:
  • Make cleaning plan in service area, improve the level of sanitation operation, and ensure the normal operation of sanitation operation. Cleaning and cleaning operations include roads, squares, municipal utilities, public toilets, water areas and others.

(with road cleanliness map, water cleanliness map, municipal public equipment cleanliness map, green belt cleanliness map, removal of small advertising map)

  • Refuse classification:
  • According to local conditions, "2 + n" garbage classification mode is adopted, effective reward system and propaganda scheme for garbage classification are formulated, intelligent classification facilities are put in place, and classification process is supervised. To achieve maximum classification, resource utilization and reduction of garbage. (Intelligent sorting bins, manual and mechanical sorting of sorting equipment, reflecting the front-end garbage classification).

(Schematic diagram of garbage sorting, flow chart of garbage sorting, diagram of intelligent sorting garbage bin and diagram of garbage sorting equipment)

  • Garbage collection and transportation:
  • According to the waste classification mode and existing facilities and equipment, the collection and transportation mode is formulated, new (modified and expanded) collection and transportation facilities are built, and equipment is purchased to realize the closed collection and transportation of classified waste.

(Picture: Front-end collection Electric transshipment First-level transshipment compression Second-level transshipment compression Terminal processing, reflecting the entire collection and transportation system)

  • Waste terminal treatment:
  • After centralized collection and transportation of domestic waste, terminal treatment is the most important. Based on the principles of waste reduction, resource utilization and harmless disposal, different disposal schemes are set up according to different conditions of service areas. (1) Corruptible garbage: organic garbage integrated treatment. It is advocated that organic garbage should be disposed of in-situ harmlessly and quantitatively by microbial rapid degradation composting technology, and centralized resource utilization and market-oriented utilization (matched correlation map). Recyclable garbage: recycling or resource recycling. Through the establishment of resource recovery points, the residents'recyclables can be effectively collected, and the recycling enterprises can effectively realize the resource utilization of all kinds of garbage (matched with the correlation map). (3) Hazardous waste: Disposal according to environmental protection requirements. Fixed storage and transshipment, innocuous treatment, real-time monitoring in the process of treatment to avoid secondary pollution. (4) Other garbage: pyrolysis and gasification treatment (company's main push treatment technology). Pyrolysis and gasification of refuse refers to the process in which the macromolecules of organic components in refuse break and produce small molecules of gas, tar and residue under the condition of no oxygen or lack of oxygen. (with correlation map).
  • Smart Sanitation Cloud Service (Digital Management Service):
  • "Intelligent Sanitation" platform provides timely information for managers and operators in the form of cloud services, improves operational management capabilities and enhances waste disposal efficiency.

Intelligent Environmental Sanitation System Map

  • Landscaping:
  • The development of urban economy and people's attention to the quality of life have led to the construction of urban garden green space. The proportion of urban garden green space area is increasing. Only by ensuring the good maintenance of garden green, the goal of building garden city and forest city, beautifying city and serving people's life can be achieved.

Guided by the concept of developing green industry and promoting economic development, Guozhen Environmental Sanitation provides construction, maintenance and management projects, landscape greening municipal engineering, comprehensive parks, community parks, production green space, protection green space landscape, landscape facilities design, construction, construction and management services, so as to carry out landscape greening construction for the city and give full play to green run in the field of landscape greening. Efficient role, and ultimately achieve the pursuit of creating a perfect modern city.