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Anhui Guozhen Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale standardized enterprise group approved by Anhui Provincial People's Government in June 1994. Guozhen Group upholds the enterprise purpose of "serving the country by industry and contributing to society" advocated by the founder Mr. Li Wei, and carries forward the enterprise spirit of "honesty, thrift, competition and innovation", which is to grasp "the needs of society is the direction of our enterprise development". We are committed to the development of the natural ecological environment improvement board, which is closely related to social reputation, and the promotion of humanistic and spiritual environmental protection. After more than 20 years of hard work, Guozhen Group has been growing steadily. At present, it has diversified industries such as environmental protection water, sanitation technology, environmental restoration, clean energy, ecological utilization, healthy human settlements, culture and education. The Group provides professional technical support for different businesses and diversified resources guarantee for various units.

Guozhen Group ranks among the top private enterprises in Anhui Province in terms of total scale, ranking among the top 100 enterprises in Anhui Province for several consecutive years, and among the top 500 service industries in China.

Anhui Guozhen Environmental Sanitation Technology Co., Ltd. is an integrated service company established by Anhui Guozhen Group under the background of "industry serves the country and contributes to the society" to attach great importance to the development of environmental sanitation. The development of environmental sanitation market is from 2.0 era to 3.0 era. It is an important part of the national ecological environmental protection industry chain. The registered capital of the company is RMB 100 million. Its business scope covers integrated business planning, consultation, design, construction and operation services, including domestic waste classification, collection, transportation, disposal and operation; hazardous waste disposal; public toilet construction and operation; intelligent supervision and related technology research and development, research and development, production, sale, maintenance and leasing of sanitation equipment and sanitation vehicles.

In the future, under the unified leadership of Guozhen Group, Guozhen Sanitation will continue to build core technological advantages, strengthen market operation, vigorously implement the company's five-year development plan, construct front-end waste classification, cleaning and transshipment operation, end-of-life waste and hazardous waste disposal, allocate new energy sanitation electric vehicles and compressed transshipment equipment research and development and production, and replace high-end sanitation equipment. We should form a complete industrial chain and strive to enter the first-class camp of the sanitation industry in five years. We should have the domestic leading competitive advantage in the market segmentation field and achieve the goal of listing in the capital market. We should become the core component of the national ecological environmental protection industrial chain and the integrated service provider of urban and rural sanitation.