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Ministry of Housing and Construction: From 2019, municipalities at prefecture level and above should start the work of domestic waste classification in an all-round way.
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According to Voice of China News Evening Peak, in the past, we used to throw rubbish into rubbish bags, fill them up, take them out every day when we went out, and then throw them directly into designated big rubbish bins, even if we finished the whole process of throwing rubbish. But now, standing in front of the big trash can, you may have to hesitate for a while. How should you throw the trash?...

Wuhu Citizens: Garbage Classification and Delivery Points Can Pay Property Fees
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With the economic and social development and the substantial improvement of material consumption level, the production of domestic refuse is growing rapidly, and garbage treatment has become an important aspect of current ecological civilization construction and pollution prevention and control....

Notice on Strengthening the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Environmental Health Workers
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Sanitation is an important part of urban and rural management and public service, and a basic public welfare undertaking related to peoples livelihood. As beauticians of urban and rural environment, sanitation workers have made important contributions to clean urban and rural areas. In recent years, some fruitful work has been done to improve the treatment of front-line sanitation workers, but the problem of insufficient protection of the rights and interests of contract-based sanitation workers still exists, which restricts the healthy development of sanitation undertakings. In order to implement the requirements of the central government and the spirit of provincial leaderships approval, we should improve the treatment of environmental sanitation workers under the first-line contract system....

Notice on Further Opening National Environmental Protection Facilities and Municipal Sewage and Waste Treatment Facilities to the Public
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Recently, the Ministry of Ecological Environment and the Ministry of Housing and Construction jointly issued a notice to further improve the opening of national environmental protection facilities and municipal sewage and garbage treatment facilities to the public. By the end of 2020, at least one environmental monitoring facility, one municipal sewage treatment facility, one garbage treatment facility and one hazardous waste centralized disposal or waste electrical and electronic products treatment facility will be open to the public regularly for public visits in all prefecture-level cities and above. Encouraging the opening of all four types of facilities in cities at prefecture level and above...

Current Situation and Prospect Analysis of Chinese Kitchen Waste Disposal Market
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According to the definition in Technical Specification for Disposal of Kitchen Waste, Kitchen Waste is the general name of food waste and kitchen waste. Dining garbage refers to the food residues of restaurants, restaurants, canteens and other units, as well as the processing wastes of fruits and vegetables, meat, grease, pastry, etc. in the back kitchen, which are mainly composed of oil and solid-liquid mixture. Kitchen waste refers to perishable organic garbage such as leftovers of fruits, vegetables and food materials, leftovers, melons and peels, which are discarded in the daily life of families, mainly solid waste....

Notice of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, Ministry of Ecology, Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Construction, Ministry of Water Conservancy, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas on
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In order to implement the spirit of the Notice of the General Office of the State Council of the Central Office of the Communist Party of China on the Issuance of the Three-year Action Plan for Rural Human Settlement Environmental Renovation, do a good job in the investigation and control of informal garbage dumps, and firmly promote the implementation of the Three-year Action Plan for Rural Human Settlement Environmental Renovation, the following circulars are hereby issued. ...