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About Guozhen
Anhui Guozhen Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale standardized enterprise group approved by Anhui Provincial People's Government in June 1994. Guozhen Group upholds the enterprise purpose of "serving the country by industry and contributing to society" advocated by the founder Mr. Li Wei, and carries forward the enterprise spirit of "honesty, thrift, competition and innovation", which is the ultimate grasp of "society". The demand of the meeting is the direction of the development of our enterprises. We are committed to the development of natural ecological environment improvement board closely related to social reputation and the promotion of humanistic and spiritual environmental protection......
Company Profile
Anhui Guozhen Environmental Sanitation Technology Co., Ltd. is an integrated service company established by Anhui Guozhen Group under the background of industry serves the country and contributes to the society to attach great importance to the development of environmental sanitation. The development of environmental sanitation market is from 2.0 era to 3.0 era. It is an important part of the national ecological environmental protection industry chain.