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Taste delicious rice dumplings and realize the Dragon Boat Festival culture

Date : 2018-06-14     View : 790


On the occasion of the traditional festival-Dragon Boat Festival, in order to enhance the close contact and mutual exchange between the group brothers and companies, let all staff spend the traditional festival in collective warmth and understand the colorful traditional national festival culture, Guozhen Sanitation United Nations Zheng Dongfangxu Company held the Dragon Boat Festival on the afternoon of June 14 with the theme of "tasting delicious rice dumplings and perceiving the Dragon Boat Festival culture". Activities of wrapping zongzi and tasting zongxiang.

First of all, we organized people to understand and learn the traditional culture of the Dragon Boat Festival. Then, Lu Lin-lu, a master of dumpling, demonstrated the techniques and essentials of dumpling to the participants. Every employee actively and conscientiously studied and began to make dumplings. Although everything is difficult at the beginning, because we are not familiar with the materials, often there will be Zongye rupture, rope tied tightly, rice leakage and other issues, but we are not discouraged, but more active discussion on how to wrap zongzi. Finally, after exploring and trying, zongzi changed from various odd shapes to strong and beautiful ox horn, pointed triangle and rectangle.

When the rice dumplings are cooked, everyone is tasting the rice dumplings and the fruit to relieve the heat, while sending out a circle of friends. Laughter and laughter and light Zongxiang set off a strong Festival atmosphere. The whole activity is full of creativity and fun.

In this activity, employees not only acquired the skills of making dumplings, but also deeply felt the cultural atmosphere of traditional festivals. The staff of the brothers not only exchanged warmly, but also united and helped each other. This also symbolized the meaning of the reunion of the Dragon Boat Festival and embodied the purpose of our activity: the family of Guozhen, united as one, spent the Dragon Boat Festival together, and joined hands in the future.

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