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Condolences Difficult Employees Pass Warmth in Winter

Date : 2019-01-20     View : 513


From January 30 to February 1, Li Hongxuan, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, Li Songshan, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Zhang Rongrong, Vice-Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union of the Group, and Shi Zhaoling, Secretary-General of the Charity Foundation, visited and consoled the difficult employees at the grass-roots level of the company from in-depth to environmental protection, ecology, sanitation and Dongfang Xu, and conveyed the concern of the leaders of the Group and the Board of Directors to the poor employees. On their hearts.

In the process of condolence, the leaders expressed the concern and concern of the difficult employees. Implementing the "people-oriented" national culture not only promotes the harmonious development of labor relations, but also further strengthens the sense of belonging, achievement and happiness of the vast number of employees in the group, greatly inspires the morale of the staff, fully mobilizes the enthusiasm of the staff based on their own positions, and contributes to the rapid development of the group. During the visit, the leaders also asked the grass-roots staff of the company what difficulties they had in their work. Can grass-roots Party organizations play a role of fighting fortress? What needs to be solved in work and life?

"Winter send warmth" consolation activities carry the group's care for the difficult employees, and condense the centripetal force of employees. In 2019, the group will continue to strengthen the construction of happy enterprises, enhance staff happiness, and strive together around the development goal of "industry serving the country and contributing to society".

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