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Wuhu Citizens: Garbage Classification and Delivery Points Can Pay Property Fees

Date : 2019-01-02     View : 4157

With the economic and social development and the substantial improvement of material consumption level, the production of domestic refuse is growing rapidly, and garbage treatment has become an important aspect of current ecological civilization construction and pollution prevention and control.

On the first day of the New Year, in Wanke District, the pilot work of waste classification in Hatoujiang District is in full swing. It is understood that the garbage classification in this district is implemented by an environmental science and technology limited company in Shenzhen and the property of the district. The garbage classification is propagated on the propaganda exhibition board of the district through propaganda slogans. The community, the street, the property and the sanitation work together to open doors, and equipped with special garbage classification supervisors to guide residents. According to the actual situation, the "quarterly method" will be adopted to classify the domestic waste in this district. It can recover garbage, harmful garbage, kitchen waste and other garbage. The recyclable garbage bins (including paper, glass, metal and plastics) will be placed centrally in the district. Residents will pay the corresponding prizes or offset the property fee by credit card. On that day, many residents of the community participated in garbage sorting activities, a total of 420 cards a day, all activated. Among them, 24 households have been put into use to generate points. One of the 24 households has exchanged points for gifts.

It is understood that in 2019, Wuhu City will continue to promote the pilot work of waste classification. Party and government organs in all districts and development zones will achieve full coverage of domestic waste classification. The pilot work will be carried out in 30 residential districts, 20 schools, 20 public institutions and demonstration areas of relevant enterprises. Seventy percent of the townships in four counties carry out sorting of rural domestic waste. Four counties started the collection and transportation of kitchen waste, and set up a number of demonstration areas according to the actual situation.

By the end of 2020, municipal solid waste classification laws and regulations system, policy system, standard system, facilities system and work system will be basically established. The coverage of solid waste classification work will continue to expand. The education and training system of school solid waste classification will continue to improve. The awareness rate, participation rate and accuracy rate of household solid waste classification will be significantly improved. The utilization rate of urban solid waste recycling will reach more than 35%.

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