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Business scope
Business scope covers integrated business planning, consultation, design, construction and operation services, including domestic waste classification, collection, transportation, disposal and operation; hazardous waste disposal; construction and operation of public toilets; research and development of related technologies for intelligent supervision, research and development of sanitation equipment and sanitation vehicles, production, sales, maintenance, leasing, etc......

Consulting business

Provide customers with planning, consulting, investment, research and development, design and o

Integration of sanitation and environmen

A. Environmental sanitation service mode B. Cleaning and cleaning C. Waste classification D. Re

Renewable resource disposal

Integrated Service of Recycling, Transportation and Disposal of Renewable Resources

Transshipment and Disposal of Dangerous

Hazardous Waste Collection and Transportation Mode, Terminal Disposal Service Scheme, Hazardous

Public toilet operation service

According to the concept of green ecological development, public toilets should be newly built

Sanitation equipment and vehicles

In the second half of 2018, Guozhen Sanitation Company signed an agency agreement with Hagor, G

Engineering Construction Services

1) Construction of sanitation projects and facilities (construction and renovation of sanitatio